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CHARLOTTE FIELDEN born in Toronto, has lived in Paris, Montreal, and North Carolina. She has written for stage, television, radio, and film, and her short stories and prize-winning poetry have been included in various anthologies and literary reviews. A Thin Place (2006) is her first collection of short stories. Her prize-winning play One Crowded Hour has been produced in both English and French, and her recently published play Saving Angel (2007) is being considered for production. Her novels include Palatine Hill, (2004), a historical novel; Crying As She Ran (1970), the first book of the Weil Trilogy; Messages Like Memories (2005), the sequel, and An Age Without A Name (2007), which concludes the trilogy. Fragrance of Thyme, FIELDEN`s first poetry collection had a 2008 spring release, and her first mystery novel, THE WOLVES OF POSITANO had a July 2010 release. BEADS ON A FRAGILE STRING, her second poetry collection was released in 2011. The Story of Marly Mansion, sequel to The Wolves of Positano had a 2012 release. TRAVELLING TOGETHER, a contemporary fable, about a man and a special tree and a woman on a healing journey, had a 2013 release. THE SOMERSET STRANGLER, sequel to The Story of Marly Mansion, had a June 2014 release. BEHOLDER, Fielden’s third poetry collection and fourteenth book, had a March 2015 release. ROSS CASTLE MURDERS, fourth mystery novel, fifteenth book had an early November 2016 release.

Returning to full-time writing after close to 25 years as a psychotherapist, FIELDEN found self-publishing a blessing waiting to happen. The publishing world had changed, so had she, and she was losing precious time searching and waiting for agents and editors. Finding, and working with Volumes Publishing she exclaims: It's a pleasure and a joy to do business with them.

She is fortunate to have as editor, her son Jerry Fielden, author in his own right, and award-winner of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medal for his book ‘Wildcats, 438th Tactical Helicopter Squadron’ that engaged in rescue missions around the world since the thirties.

BA - Honour English Language & Literature (University of Toronto)
A.R.C.T. (Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto) – Theatre Arts
The Marcel Marceau School of Mime – Paris, France.
Certified Trainer in Human Resources (Canadian Board of Health Practitioners)
Relaxation therapy (Relaxation Response Centre)
Meditation & Yoga

The Epstein Award for creative writing – for poetry (U of T)
The University of Toronto Gold Medal in Theatre Arts
Canada Council Grants for Writing
The National Playwriting Award for Women for One Crowded Hour, a play - 1975
Ontario Arts Council Grants - Artists in the School – for writing

Artists in the Schools (OAC) & Canada Council national tours
ZOW, The Zen of Writing – a catalytic workshop in creative writing
Improvisation & mime (Melanie Theatre & in schools)
Basics to Bliss – a 6-week meditation course
Advanced meditation, metaphysics & masterminding.
PLR (Past Life Regression) as a form of psychotherapy (Humber College)
Stress management at Sir Sanford Fleming College, the Peel board of Education, the Government of New Brunswick, Glaxco Burroughs International, Yoga at The West End YMCA, Meditation in maximum security prisons, and Fielden’s creative writing workshop, the Zen of Writing, in women’s prisons.

Television, stage & radio – Montreal, Toronto, Stratford Festival
Roles – Jessica in The Merchant of Venice, Julie in Miss Julie, Julie in Liliom,
Dynamene in Christopher Fry’s A Pheonix Too Frequent, leads in CBC television dramas, Susie the mouse in Chez Hélène (CBC – TV); mime performances on television, stage & in film


One Crowded Hour – Centaur Theatre with Helen Hughes; with Araby Lockhart in Toronto
Une Heure de Vie – Théâtre de Quatre Sous (Montreal) - French version of One Crowded Hour
The Honeymoon – Centaur Theatre, with Alan Mills
Old Friends – CBC radio adaptation of One Crowded Hour – with Helen Hughes and full cast
Saving Angel - 2007
The Matriarchs of Palatine Hill - 2010

CHEZ HELENE – CBC TV — children’s series
VISITE AU QUEBEC – CBC TV (Fielden Productions) - educational youth series
BARBAPAPA – CBC TV – English version – children’s series
Dubbed English versions for Claude Jutra's feature films 'Kamouraska' and 'Mon Oncle Antoine'

CRYING AS SHE RAN - a novel, first book of the Weil Trilogy – Macmillan of Canada - 1970
ONE CROWDED HOUR - Playwrights’ Co-op – first prize in Women’s National Playwriting Competition - 1975
Short stories in Tamarack & Impulse, articles in Canadian Theatre Review, Inner Life
Two stories in JR Colombo’s MIDNIGHT HOUR - 2004 – Dundurn
Resumé translation of Michel Conge’s INNER OCTAVES for JR Colombo’s Gurdjieff online blog
PALATINE HILL - a historical novel – 2004 – CFM BOOKS
MESSAGES LIKE MEMORIES a novel - 2005, sequel to Crying as she Ran – CFM Books
A THIN PLACE – short story collection - 2006 - CFM Books
SAVING ANGEL – a play in two acts - 2007 - CFM Books – workshopped and presented in Toronto, and in London England at the Actors Centre
AN AGE WITHOUT A NAME – a novel – sequel to Messages Like Memories - 2007
FRAGRANCE OF THYME - a poetry collection - 2008
THE WOLVES OF POSITANO – a mystery novel – 2010
BEADS ON A FRAGILE STRING - a poetry collection - 2011
THE STORY OF MARLY MANSION - sequel to The Wolves of Positano - 2012
TRAVELLING TOGETHER - a contemporary fable - 2013
THE SOMERSET STRANGLER –2014 - sequel to The Story of Marly Mansion
BEHOLDER third poetry collection - 2015

• Translation from French to English of Dennis Saurat's THE ROMAN SOLDIER in the book The Denis Saurat Reader, edited by John Robert Colombo - 2004
• Resumé translation from French to English of Michel Congé's INNER OCTAVES for John Robert Colombo's Gurdjieff blog - 2007

A SNOW-WHITE FLOWER – poetry by Helen Hughes edited by Charlotte Fielden - 2006

ME & NEW ORLEANS/STORYVILLE – musical – book & lyrics; composer Ian McAndrew
EVIDENCE OF LIFE – FIELDEN’S fourth poetry collection deals with the luminous and shadow aspects of human nature, and with human achievement that goes beyond restrictive perimeters.
WHO WILL REMEMBER WE WERE HERE? - This is a crime novel in finished first draft, about a group of seniors who participate in a clinical trial for Alzheimer’s dementia and find unexpected rewards and fulfillment.

Founding member of The Writers’ Union of Canada and the Playwrights Guild of Canada.
Founder & co-artistic director of Melanie Theatre (Montreal) - 1970’s
Co-founder & producer of Fielden Productions Film Co. (Montreal) - 60’s & 70’s

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Ont., Canada
TEL: (416) 656-0140
Email: charlotte@cfmbooks.com
Website: www.cfmbooks.com

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