I arrived in Ireland in a new millennium during the week of the Peace Accord to find a country emerging from a misty past, and a younger, more ambitious Irish people who wanted to get on with the business at hand of building an affluent future. I was born of an Irish mother and Jewish father and to keep the peace in the family they called me Rebecca-Megan, until I was old enough to choose my moniker. As a child I called myself Mecca and decided to continue to do so. All three of us were satisfied with my choice. I have never practised any religion, certainly not Jewish or Christian, and had grown up in an atmosphere of multiple choices. On my twenty¬first birthday, when I complained bitterly that I had no roots, my parents gave me the gift of a return fare to either Israel or Ireland. My mother said, 'Wherever you choose to go, I hope you find what you're looking for, darlin'. My father said, 'Happy hunting, sweetheart.'
I decided to go to Ireland and be Megan.