Sylvia took Virginia in her arms, and let her collapse into her until the emotion subsided like a tidal wave running back into the sea.
‘Oh Ginnie, will you ever be able to forgive me? Please understand that neither John or myself were thinking this until he saw you and then he became obsessed about it. I wasn’t too happy about it either. But he’s eased up leaving doors to open or to close on all this that troubles you so much. Please believe me, Ginnie, my darling little sister. Both John and I love you. We all love you, and you have brought so much into our lives, and when we all became immersed in an especially horrible nightmare, you were there for us with a strength that you didn’t know you had.’
Sylvia led Virginia gently over to the sofa and wiped away her tears with her hand and then just held her in a silent embrace.
Virginia looked towards Vandermeer, avoiding the lens, her eyes shining with tears. Sylvia looked away from the camera and crew.
’Cut and print!’ Vandermeer shouted and then he whooped for joy. ‘Well done Virginia and Sylvia!’
Carla, Rodolpho, and Sofia clapped and shouted, ‘Brava! Brava!’

Sylvia was no fool and she knew that the tangled web of emotions during the screen test were not make believe and she would have to deal with them eventually.