Virginia was unnerved, not so much by the sudden twilight followed by what seemed to her to be pitch darkness, but because for a while she sensed that she was being stalked. She was totally lost, and wondered how she could find the way out when it was so dark. She heard the rustling in the next alley over from her, and whoever was stalking her was getting closer. Best to hunker down within the thick leafy walls and hide. The scent of laurel was beautiful but her other sense, the one her mother used in her work, the one she called the sixth sense, was working overtime. Now, she reasoned, if this is the case why canít I just stay hidden here for a while, and eventually sense my way out of this maze? The rustling seemed to have gone in another direction, and it was replaced by the on and off beam of someone carrying a pocket torch. She concentrated with all her might and made a vow that if an extrasensory ability could get her out of there she would accept that she, like her mother, had the gift, and it woul not be a curse. It would be a blessing.

She heard Vandermeer calling out to her, íVirginia! Virginia, are you still in there? Stay put, Iím coming in for you. I have a pocket torch and Iíll signal repeatedly. Call out to me and when I get closer let me know. When I go off in the wrong direction, get me back on track, if you can.í When he was about to enter the maze, he saw Virginia exit onto the pebbled path. She ran into his arms, holding him tight.

When they were back at the cottage, she told him about the stalker, and reading his mind she said, ĎNo, John, it wasnít one of the woodland creatures. I am convinced that I finally got in touch with and used a kind of higher sense perception to find the exit out of the maze. I canít explain what happened. It happened so quickly.

I just knew how to get out of there.í

ĎNo more struggling with yourself, Ginnie?í

ĎNo more struggling.í